Our core values


Whatever we do, we do with warmth. This fits with who we are, it is natural to us. Everyone who comes into contact with us, will experience this. New employees and new children. You can even notice it in our communications.



Together is the only way. Our team spirit is in place at the various locations, and throughout our entire organization as well. We all are The Small World. Together we can learn and grow even faster.

We always want to learn more. Continue to develop. Our own people, locations and brand, but also our children. We are constantly in motion. We want to always do better at what we already have.



Entrepreneurship is in our brand. In all layers of the organization and in all our affairs. Trying new things and having the freedom to act.



If possible, we do things with pleasure. Of course, we take pleasure in our work. But where possible, we take this to the next level. We believe that it is precisely there that memories are created which you will never forget.