Brand story

The Small World. It's a small world in itself. We realize that care is much more than just that. Because the development of a child is a continuous process. So, we are all working together. In a manner where fun is paramount, for the children, their parents, and our employees. The Small World is a familiar place that the child enjoys going to. Where it can be who it is and who wants it to be. We choose our staff with the greatest amount of care. They form the core of our world. Our employees have an eye for children, passion for their work and are proud of 'their' children.

We believe that the very best approach is still to be developed, and we are prepared to be a little better at it each day and we are not afraid to try something new. Our world is a world that feels like coming home. Where a fresh hot meal is prepared and served every afternoon. Where play and development go hand in hand. Where there is room for personal attention. Where an ordinary afternoon can suddenly turn into a small party. And where parent and employee are working together on the development of the child. Day after day.

That is our Small World.