Personal information will be handled strictly confidentially in accordance with the Privacy Protection Act. Information about the child and the home situation remain within the childcare facility and may only be exchanged mutually between employees if that is in the interests of the child. That is to say, when we need information for the care and development of the child.

Parents always have the right to review the child’s information from the file at the location. Reports concerning the child in the file will in principle only be used internally. Three months after the child has left care, all the child’s information at the location will be destroyed. If there is a need for an external transfer of information from the child’s file, such as to chain partners or the elementary school, then this happens exclusively with the consent of the parents.

Filming and photographing
Records of moments from the daily childcare in the groups are valuable memories for a child. The rights with respect to the privacy of the child must, however, be preserved. That means that:
• Each parent will be informed that there can be filming and photography in the groups.
• The film and photos are for internal use.
• Parents are informed in advance when there is a wish to make other (media) recordings.