Flexible care

Incidental care
Next to structural care – on a contract basis – it is possible to sign up for incidental care, for example for an extra study day at school, or because the home situation occasionally necessitates this. We offer this form of care to clients and former clients, because we think it is important that your child is known by and familiar with De Kleine Wereld.

Flexible care
Many parents have flexible workdays or have a need for flexible care days. We therefore offer the option at some locations to take days flexibly per week or month.

Holiday care
During holidays and study (margin) days, your child can go to the Out-of-School care for the whole day, even if you do not normally use care on this day. In addition, it is possible to sign up for care exclusively during the holiday weeks. For more information, you can contact Planning & Placement (020 4120633).

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