Pedagogic Policy

Your child gets the chance to develop at De Kleine Wereld in a playful way into a happy, powerful and socially skilled person. In order to realize such a high standard, you do have to have a great deal of skill on hand. Our employees work out of their knowledge about children, our years of experience and inspiration from the ideas of three experts: two pedagogues and a psychologist.

To start with, there is Loris Malaguzzi, founder of pedagogy from Reggio Emilia. His starting point is the power of every child. Every child begins searching from birth for contact with the people and the world around them. Children are competent and creative. By watching them carefully and listening, we discover what they are engaged with and what they need. This principle is expressed in our work daily. In practice, it means that the children get a great deal of space to discover things and to make their own choices. So a great deal of freedom! Instead of keeping the children busy, the children are motivated to discover for themselves.

Thomas Gordon is a ground-breaking development psychologist. His theory is based on the principle that children should be taken seriously, because they are perfectly capable of solving their own problems, if they get the chance to do so. Communication and good relationships between children and adults are critical. Children can indicate quite well what they want, with or without words. Gordon's way of active listening and respectfully responding to the needs of the child are visible in our way of working.

Finally, there are the ideas of the pedagogue and educator Céleste Freinet. The child and the child’s natural urge to investigate the surrounding world form the starting point of the Freinet pedagogy. Children learn by experiencing, discovering and living. In children’s daycare, this means that the children, next to playing with toys and friends, should be able to be involved with the daily organization in the daycare.

You can read more about our Pedagogic Policy and the way in which we put our policy into practice in our Pedagogic Work Plan.