In consultation

De Kleine Wereld offers your child a supplemental environment to home and school. It is therefore enormously important that we provide the care for your child in consultation with you as the parent. We offer an environment full of possibilities. With us, your child experiences different things and develops, in part due to the contact with other children and adults. All of this makes the care at De Kleine Wereld into a significant part of the nurturing.

We place great value on interchange and coordinating with each other. Together with you and with the school, we ensure that your child feels comfortable and that the transition into each subsequent step in his or her life is a natural transition. We all have one important goal: we all want the best for ‘our’ children.
Even when you have questions about the development of your child, or you want to ‘spar’ about child-raising dilemmas, you can turn to us. Both the pedagogic staff members for the group and our pedagogue are happy to talk with you.