Child participation

De Kleine Wereld listens to and takes into account the wishes of the children. In the out-of-school care, we therefore like to give the children input. Child participation is important. It is good to familiarize children with input from a young age – always, of course, in a way that fits their developmental level. Through participation, self-confidence, communication skills, independence, satisfaction and engagement of the children in the out-of-school care are increased.

The care of the children can improve by taking seriously the input of the children about the subjects that directly affect them: for example, about the purchase of toys, choice of activities, themes, handling bullying, rules and corrections. The pedagogic staff members get good insight into the experience of the child through child participation.

Children’s council
Child participation takes place in multiple ways: children over 8 can complete their own well-being questionnaire, and each BSO location has its own children’s council. The children’s council includes four children and one pedagogic staff member. They meet once per month about new materials and outings or workshops. During these meetings, one child is the chairperson. This position is rotated each time. We also strive to allow exchanges with children’s council members from other locations within De Kleine Wereld.