Star method

Each child has to feel safe and confident in his or her BSO group. Only then can a child be themselves, play and develop. At the BSOs, a safe group climate is created by treating each other with respect and assuming good intentions from each other. The group agreements made with the children form the basis. The Star method is the guiding theme. The Star method assumes that everyone has the desire to do good and is acting with good intentions.

The star behaves as he is, as really suits him. The star thinks about himself and dares to give his opinion in a respectful way.
Usually, that works, and sometimes it goes wrong. When it does go wrong, it is important that staff be able to manage themselves or the child to again behave like Stars. For this, we use the Star poster at the BSO. This poster hangs up for each group. More about the use of the star method and the use of the poster can be found in our Pedagogic Work Plan (p18).