What if your child gets sick?
Sick children in general need rest, whether they have a fever or not. They generally feel better at home in their own environment than in a group. When we notice during the day that a child develops an elevated temperature or even a fever, or when the child visibly does not feel well, we always contact the parents. Depending on how the child feels (Does he or she absolutely need rest, or is the child still comfortable?), the pedagogic staff member discusses with the parents how to handle it. It can be that we advise the parents to collect their child, but it can also be that we have the child settle down on the sofa under a blanket. When a little one has a fever (38.5 or higher), we ask the parents to come collect the child. Usually, a child really not well then and does not feel comfortable in the group. We advise parents to keep their child at home for 24 hours after the fever passes in order for them to recover as well as possible. The teething phase often goes along for the youngest children with fever, red cheeks and sour-smelling stools. The fever is here often a snapshot that comes and goes. We often ask parents to come earlier because a child is usually bothered by this. Of course the children may return the following day.

De Kleine Wereld follows the information and recommendations of the RIVM with respect to how to respond to common infectious illnesses. This information can be read in Health risks in a childcare centre (0-4) and Health risks of BSO and Elementary schools (4-12).

Medical information

We maintain records of the general and specific medical information of the children. That includes, for example, the agreements about medicines. We work with a ‘declaration of medicine use’; this must be completed for medication prescribed by the doctor or over-the-counter medications. Parents complete this form at the group if their child needs medication. We only give medications that are prescribed by a doctor. We do not administer any suppositories or paracetamol to suppress fever.