Healthy nutrition

At De Kleine Wereld, we find healthy and varied food very important. For a healthy eating pattern, it is important to become accustomed to different tastes.
We eat together with the children, at the table. At all locations, a fresh warm meal is prepared at least twice a week. At Juliana and De Willemsparkweg, five days. The menu of the week is 'hanging' at the location, so that you know in advance what we eat when.

At De Kleine Wereld, your child gets:
• Fresh fruit or a fruit snack
• 2-5 days, fresh (warm) lunch
• As much organic as possible
• As little salt and sugar as possible
• Seasonal vegetables
• Cucumber, paprika, carrots and tomatoes as snacks
• Not too much meat and dairy.

If your child has an allergy, then it goes without saying that we take that into account.