Adjusting to the Child Daycare
We very much look forward to the arrival of your child(ren) at our Child Daycare. We think it is important that a child can develop as well as possible. The child therefore needs a trusted environment with trusted people around him. In the adjustment period, we work on that trust.
First, you receive a letter from us in which tips and recommendations are given to let the transition from home to the child daycare go as smoothly as possible. After that, an appointment will always be made with the parents for an intake interview. This intake is also the first adjustment moment. In this interview, which takes place at the child’s group, we look forward to hearing your wishes with respect to caring for your child(ren). In the meantime, the child can start to explore the environment and become acquainted with the staff who will later be caring for him. We talk with you about the habits and rituals of your child, like, for example: the sleep position, the stuffed animal, pacifier or no pacifier, how the child is best comforted, how the child responds to other children. Of course we also talk about the practical matters such as sleeping and eating/nutrition. In this conversation, you tell us everything that we should know about the child to be able to guide your as well as possible. We also tell you how it all works in the group, for example: what the daily rhythm is in the group, what do we do in case of illness?

The second adjustment day is usually a morning. You bring your child around 09:00. After that, you are welcome to stay for a while. Then you say goodbye and the day starts within the group. The third adjustment day typically lasts until around 3 o’clock. Your child then stays to nap for the first time. The fourth adjustment day is usually the first ‘real’ day. Your child thus gets accustomed step by step to us and the environment. Most children already feel quite at home after four adjustment days. Sometimes the adjustment goes very well, and sometimes it takes a bit longer. In consultation with us, an adjustment period can be customized.

Adjustment to the BSO
It is a tense event for every child to be the new one in an existing group. We always devote a great deal of extra attention to a child who is new to the group. For both the children who are leaving the daycare and for children who are new to us, we provide an appropriate adjustment period. Our pedagogic staff members guide the children carefully in that. An intake interview always takes place. We also invite you to go along when we collect your child from school for the first time. It is nice to see how this goes, and for your child it feels safe to be accompanied to the BSO for the first time by someone familiar. Then your child joins in the normal rhythm of the afternoon, and you leave for an hour or longer. If everything goes well, we collect your child from school then next time. Then it is nice if you collect your child a bit earlier. Then we still have time to briefly discuss how it has gone. Usually, children feel quite at home after one or two adjustment days. Sometimes, the adjustment goes very well, and sometimes it takes a bit longer. In consultation with us, an adjustment period can be customized.
During the adjustment, we keep you well informed; we do this in part with our De Kleine Wereld app. We can send you messages or even photos. We also invite you to call us as often as needed to ask how things are going.