Next to good care, finding childcare in the neighbourhood where you live or work is nice, in connection with the logistics of dropping off and picking up. Care in the neighbourhood of your home can also be nice because the children will make friends in the neighbourhood.
Below you will find an overview of our locations. Our staff from the Planning & Placement department are happy to help you with finding the right location, and to discuss placement options with you. They can be reached at 020-4120633, option 1, or by e-mail: planning@dekleinewereld.nl.

We have locations for daycare, out-of-school care (BSO) or combined. If you are seeking BSO, it is important that we collect the children from the school where your son or daughter attends. Here you can find an overview of the schools with which we work.

De Kleine Wereld - Gouda

Spieringstraat 87-89
2801 ZJ Gouda

De Kleine Wereld - Ceintuurbaan

Ceintuurbaan 448
1074 EC Amsterdam

De Kleine Wereld - Willemsparkweg

Willemsparkweg 52
1071 HJ Amsterdam

DKW De Pijp | Van Hilligaertstraat

Van Hilligaertstraat 31
1072 JX Amsterdam

De Kleine Wereld - De Wittenstraat

De Wittenstraat 25
1052 AK Amsterdam

De Kleine Wereld - De Edelsteen

Smaragdplein 3 - 5
1074 HA Amsterdam

DKW de Pijp | Rustenburgerstraat

Rustenburgerstraat 236-238
1073 GK Amsterdam

De Kleine Wereld - Juliana

Oudekerksplein 8
1012 GZ Amsterdam

De Kleine Wereld - Plantage Middenlaan

Plantage Middenlaan 33
1018 DB Amsterdam


DKW Sport BSO | Plantage Park

Plantage Parklaan 20 a
1018 ST Amsterdam

De Kleine Wereld Steigereiland | Pieter Holmplein

Pieter Holmplein 2 - 8
1086 ZH Amsterdam

De Kleine Wereld Steigereiland | IJburglaan

IJburglaan 442
1086 ZJ Amsterdam


DKW Sport BSO | FC IJburg

Dick Hilleniuspad 2
1087 BZ Amsterdam Amsterdam



Johannes Vermeerstraat 63
1071 DN Amsterdam

De Kleine Wereld - Haveneiland

Jan Vrijmanstraat 123 B
1087 MB Amsterdam

DKW BSO Theo Thijssen | Anjeliersstraat

Anjeliersstraat 153-157
1015 NG Amsterdam