Working at DKW

Working at DKW
What applies for our children – who are lovingly welcomed in our child centres – actually also applies for our employees. They are also lovingly welcomed in our organization. Our Pedagogic vision also applies for them: You can be who you are in order to become who you are!

We see our employees as self-aware and independent. People who choose their own path, full of self-confidence. Curious people who also utilize their talents and abilities. People who take others into account and are caring. Not only for themselves and the people around them, but also for their living environment.

De Kleine Wereld is always looking for good and enthusiastic employees. We are seeking colleagues who get inspired by the concept of De Kleine Wereld, are attracted by a pleasant, homey working atmosphere and have great affection for children.
At this moment, we have the vacancies below available. Click on the relevant opening for more information.

Wat Waar Start Solliciteer
Pedagogisch Medewerker KDV - 25,5 uur Amsterdam - Van Hilligaertstraat Per 01/11/16 here
Pedagogisch Medewerker Tienergroep - 12 uur Amsterdam - Rustenburgerstraat Per 01/11/16 here
Pedagogisch Medewerker BSO - 9 - 25,5 uur Amsterdam - Diverse locaties Per 16/09/16 here
Pedagogisch Medewerker KDV- 17 - 34 uur Amsterdam - Plantage Middenlaan immediately here
Stagiaire Marketing / Communicatie Amsterdam - Hoofdkantoor immediately  here
Werk- en Leertrajecten (BOL-plekken) Diverse immediately  here
Invalpool Amsterdam immediately  here
Invalpool Gouda immediately here