Reporting Requirements

Reporting Requirements for domestic violence and child abuse
Unfortunately, child abuse happens everywhere. At De Kleine Wereld, we work with the mandatory Reporting Requirements. This is a roadmap that we can use if there are suspicions or signs of domestic violence and child abuse.

Designated officer
Among other things, a duty is imposed on the Childcare in the context of the quality of care to utilize these Reporting Requirements upon suspicion or signs of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse. One of the (mandatory) steps from the Required Reporting Act is to consult with an expert colleague or designated officer. That implies that the specific expertise also has to be available in house. All our employees are regularly trained, so that we have multiple experts in house. In addition, we have three officially trained Designated Officers for Child Abuse.

Designated Officers within De Kleine Wereld:
•Isabelle Akkerman
Location: De Edelsteen

•Tanja van der Meer
Location: Plantage Middenlaan and Plantage Parklaan

•Freek Havermans
Location: Hilligaertstraat and Rustenburgerstraat
020-5308825 / 020-5308828

When employees have concerns about the child, these will always be expressed to the parents. We have a discussion with the parents with the goal of arriving at a solution together. In the interests of the child, consultation is possible with internal employees, such as the location manager, the pedagogue, the designated officer or a colleague. In addition, it is necessary to collaborate with relevant external professionals, in order to get the best picture possible of what is going on and to be able to make a good plan of action. Of course you will be involved in this process as a parent.

Confidential person
Of course you can direct all your questions to the (Assistant) Location Manager, but it can happen that you feel more comfortable talking with someone from outside the location if something is bothering you. All kinds of things that you think are important can be discussed with this confidential person; the subjects of discussion are deliberately not limited. A confidential person has a duty of confidentiality and will never do anything without your consent. For confidential matters, you can turn to our staff members Tanja van der Meer (020-5308820) and Isabelle Akkerman (020 6734877).