Quality and Safety

Child Care Act and HKZ certificate
Quality and safety are two important pillars of our care. De Kleine Wereld follows the Child Care Act with respect to safety, hygiene and health. We are very aware of the vulnerability of your child and therefore devote a great deal of attention to safety. There is a strong interrelationship between safety, hygiene and health. Specifically for safeguarding the hygiene and health of your child, the pedagogic staff adhere to the guidelines from the GGD.
In addition, De Kleine Wereld is also HKZ certified. This means that the Keurmerkinstituut, an independent certification organization, annually tests and approves our quality management system.

National Registry of Childcare and Toddler Playrooms
All childcare centres must be registered in the National Registry of Childcare and Toddler Playrooms (Landelijk Register Kinderopvang en Peuterspeelzalen; LRKP). If a childcare centre is not registered and thus does not have a permit, the municipality can impose a fine.

4-Eyes and ears
De Kleine Wereld utilizes the 4-eyes and ears principle. This means that there must always be at least two adults, in a certain form, maintaining supervision of children in a daycare facility. A pedagogic staff member is in principle not alone with one or more children indoors or outdoors, without someone being able to see and/or hear him or her. This follows the Gunning Commission.
The locations of De Kleine Wereld are built such that there is a good view of one’s own group, the neighbouring group, the bathroom and the sleeping room. The (group) rooms are transparent, with a great deal of glass, the doors are always open during breaks, and there are baby monitors in the sleeping rooms. Work is done at the locations according to the open-door policy, where the doors of the group rooms are literally and figuratively open during a large part of the day. In addition, an open learning culture reigns within De Kleine Wereld, whereby employees get feedback and communication trainings and address each other on behaviour. You can find the complete policy here.

Selection and screening
We thoroughly screen each new employee (including on-call staff). We hold at least two interviews with applicants and do a reference check with two organizations. Insofar as possible, we also ask for references from interns.
In the employment conditions interview, we go through the code of conduct and the reporting requirements for domestic violence and child abuse, and new employees sign that they will comply with these. A valid conduct certificate (Verklaring omtrent Gedrag; VOG) is required in order to be able to start working at De Kleine Wereld, after which continuous screening takes place.

Quality Covenant
The Child Care Act limits itself to general quality requirements for childcare. The industry organization for childcare and BOinK (Special Interest Association of Parents in Childcare; Belangenvereniging van Ouders in de Kinderopvang) have collectively made additional agreements in a covenant about the quality of childcare. De Kleine Wereld works according to these guidelines.