Our team

Warm, engaged professionals
Our loving, engaged and professional staff have the passion to really contribute something to the development of the children they care for. They are all well trained, have a great deal of pedagogic knowledge and experience, and they enjoy sharing that. All our pedagogic employees have pedagogic training; all location managers, a child-related HBO or university education. Both the Pedagogic Staff and the location managers are trained on and off the job within our DKW Academy.

Regular, familiar faces
Upon illness and during holidays, we work with our regular on-call staff, who are screened and trained in our DKW Academy. No temporary employees, but well-trained staff who are part of our team, so that they are almost always a familiar face for your child.

All attention for your child
A unique thing at De Kleine Wereld is that our pedagogic staff are fully focused on the children, because they are supported in their daily work. Each location has household help who cleans and prepares a fresh, warm lunch. Each location has its own manager to guide the staff and children, maintain contact with parents and do the administrative tasks.

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