DKW Academie

DKW Academy
The DKW Academy is our own company school where we have brought together our educational activities, training days and individual coaching. We devote attention to pedagogy, safety, interactive skills, communication, observation and child development. In order to guarantee the knowledge and capabilities of our staff, we work with specialists at the locations. The name says it: each specialist has extra knowledge about a certain subject. This specialist is responsible for keeping this subject up-to-date within the location. Each location has in any case specialists in the area of:
• Special children
• Green & sustainability
• Beginning Reading
• Pientere Peuters (Insightful Toddlers)
• Baby Signing

At De Kleine Wereld, we give interns an opportunity to become a good pedagogical employee. We work with both BOL interns and BBL interns. A BOL intern follows a vocational learning path by means of instruction and internship. This means that a BOL intern is always redundant to the group, in addition to two regular pedagogic staff members. A BBL intern follows a vocational learning path with learning and working. These interns are gradually engaged, next to a regular pedagogical staff member, from 0 to 100% within two years’ time. The formative usability of interns is, within the frameworks that the CLA sets, established and assessed by the practice coordinator in consultation with the internship coordinator from the intern’s programme.