Complaints Handling

‘We do what we say, and we say what we do’
We do everything possible in order to fulfil that saying. But it can happen that as a parent you get something different from us than you expect. Sometimes that leads to a compliment, but it can also lead to a complaint. We do everything we can in order to bring those differences in expectations to light, since only then can we improve our service delivery. That means that we ask parents for feedback, for example in the evaluation meetings, and that we invite them to note things that can be improved.

Our internal complaints procedure prescribes that a complaint form will always be filled in for a complaint and that the complaint will be handled on the basis of our complaints system. Should parents want to make the choice for an external complaints procedure, that is naturally also possible. We are affiliated with the Disputes Committee for Childcare and Toddler Playrooms.

Once every two years, an independent external research agency also conducts a customer satisfaction survey, in which parents give their opinion about the quality of the service provision of De Kleine Wereld. The parents are informed by a notification letter about the outcomes of the survey.