About us

Who we are
At De Kleine Wereld, we – together with parents – are involved in child raising. We do this in a loving and professional environment where enjoyment for the child is a priority. Child raising has the goal of preparing children as well as possible for independent and social participation in society. That means that we not only offer children the ability to develop undisturbed and freely, but that we also given them skills, knowledge, norms and values. We do that in a playful way, since children learn by playing.

Each location has its own (collaborating) location manager. This person is the host/hostess of the location and, together with the team, is responsible for the childcare. The locations are supported by the main office in the areas of Human Resources, Scheduling, Finances and Pedagogy.

The culture within De Kleine Wereld is open, professional and always focused on improvement. We are a learning organization with specialists and experts in the areas, among others, of Reading, Baby Signing and children with advanced development. We measure the well-being of the children and the effect of our schooling.
De Kleine Wereld was founded in 2001 by Erik Vlutters and Marit de Wit.