Warm, professional, engaged

Happy children and happy parents. That is what matters at De Kleine Wereld. Your partner in child-raising.

De Kleine Wereld

Finding suitable care for your child is no small matter. We realize that all too well. It goes without saying that you are looking for the best conceivable care. A safe and stimulating environment in which your child continues to develop and feels completely at ease. You expect professionalism, personal engagement, pedagogy and stability from child care, with a great deal of warmth, involvement and attention for your child from the staff. In short: a real partner in child raising.

We want to be that partner. Shall we get acquainted? Contact us at planning@dekleinewereld.nl or 020 4120633.


For an important task like child care, quality ought to be a given. De Kleine Wereld devotes constant and systematic attention to quality.


At De Kleine Wereld, we – together with parents – are involved in child raising. We do this in a loving and professional environment where enjoyment for the child is a priority. Child raising has the goal of preparing children as well as possible for independent and social participation in society. That means that we not only offer children the ability to develop undisturbed and freely, but that we also give them skills, knowledge, norms and values. We do that in a playful way, since children learn by playing.

De Kleine Wereld is:

  • Opvang en ontwikkeling voor kinderen van 0 – 12 jaar
  • In een huiselijke omgeving
  • In samenspraak met ouders
  • Vast team zeer gemotiveerde medewerkers die on en off the job gecoacht worden
  • Dagelijks verse producten met zorg en aandacht bereid
  • Pedagoog die medewerkers en ouders ondersteunt
  • Gevarieerde activiteiten voor de ontwikkeling en voor het plezier
  • En nog veel meer!

In consultation

Together with parents